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4 Questions to Ask When Reading Your Bible

I want to bounce off BTW’s post of questions to ask when reading the Scriptures. These are good for both teens and adults in their devotions. They are from JI Packer and Gerald Bray with my modifications: They include:

1. What does this teach me about God (the Father, Son or Spirit)? What do I learn about what he like, what he cares about? How do I see Jesus Christ and the gospel?

2. What does this teach me about mankind? What are we supposed to be and what has gone wrong? What human tendencies are illustrated here?

3. How do I apply to my situation? What Sin is there to confess? Promise to claim? Attribute to adore? Command to obey? Example to follow or avoid? (SPACE) How would my life be different if I took this passage to heart?

4. When can I use this Scripture to help me or others? What lie does this truth counteract? What deception will be counteracted by this truth? Who might this verse help? Never deadend a truth God gives you.

Let me suggest that these are great question to fuel our personal devotions and our family devotions.

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