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Doubts can eat away at anyone

We can help answer the basic questions you have about Jesus.

We’ll answer 7 foundational questions to the Christian faith:

How do we know that Jesus really existed in history?

Can we trust the biographies of Jesus?

Is Jesus really God?

Did Jesus rise from the dead?

Is there only way to heaven?

Why does God allow evil and suffering?

Why are there hypocrites who claim to be Christians and good people who are not Christians?

What Others Are Saying

““Chap’s seminar was exceptional! His Christ centered apologetic to the “7 questions every person has” rooted us in scripture, and focused our eyes on Christ. He has a gift for simplifying each area. I recommend his seminar to any pastor or church leader looking for reasons to help their church in growing to give the reason for the hope that we have.””

Bauer EvansSr. Pastor, Crossway Church, Franklin, MA

“EXCELLENT WORK! Lots of work, I am sure, but you have done masterfully both in framing and collating the issues, and presenting them clearly and compellingly.”

David GadourySr. Pastor, Cranston Christian Fellowship

“Chap’s content is facts-driven and Christ-centered, and his format is down to earth. I was impressed with Chap’s questions to hard questions during the audience Q&A time. I recommend this with confidence.”

Seth RambikurYouth Leader, Exeter Chapel, RI