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A Young Woman’s Story of the Transforming Power of the Gospel – Brit Redfield

On this episode of The Disciple-Making Parent Podcast, we dive into the powerful testimony of Brit Redfield and the struggles she faced as a young person turning away from Christianity. In this episode, we explore the challenges of reconciling personal feelings with biblical teachings and the transformative power of God’s love. Through Brit’s story, we are reminded of the importance of understanding and embracing the gospel in our lives.

Brit Redfield Converge Webpage


Resources From This Podcast

Brit Redfield at– profile and support page
e-mail Brit
Baptist Student Ministry
Living Hope: Support and resources for leaving homosexuality
Is God Anti-Gay? by Sam Allberry

Topics Covered In This Week’s Podcast

00:11 Introduction
 04:05 Brit’s childhood and upbringing
09:53 The progression of same-sex attraction in Brit’s teen years
13:12 Turning away from God in college
20:04 A softening heart, and God speaking into it
32:25 Where Brit is today
35:39 Brit’s advice for parents
40:18 What Brit would tell her teenage self
42:12 Recommended resources