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A History of The Disciple-Making Parent

The Disciple-Making Parent ministry has grown out of my story.

I grew up in a Christian home in Birmingham, Alabama. I believe I genuinely came to Christ at an early age. However, intellectual questions in my high school years almost sunk my faith. I know what it is like to wrestle with doubts. Thankfully, those questions were answered as a college student by the Christian campus group at Brown University.

Given the need of New England for the gospel, I felt called to stay and help plant a church in the RI area. Columbia International University and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary gave me my theological training.

Along the way God blessed me with wife, Sharon, and four beautiful children. He also brought great friends who also wanted to disciple their children. But when we looked around, we saw some great Christian parenting resources but not much to help us pass the gospel baton to our children.

And so, with our friends, we began reading, thinking, and praying. These insights form the basis of our seminars and writing. They come from 25 years of preaching, studying the Word, and studying our children. We have made every kind of mistake there is. But by God’s grace, we believe God has given us some insight as well.

In 2012, after 25 years of pastoring this church, God clearly called us to step out in faith and pursue the ministry of The Disciple-Making Parent (formerly The Apollos Project) full-time.

Important Dates in Our Timeline


Sharon and Chap kneel on the beach in SC and pray for God’s blessing on the idea he is giving us. The Apollos Project is incorporated.


Chap feels called to leave his church, step out in faith, and serve full time with The Apollos Project.


The Disciple-Making Parent book released.


Start exhibiting at conferences to reach church leaders around the nation.


Podcast starts. Release The Donut Date Journal and The Donut Date Journal 2.


Develop and release our first video series, Parenting with Patience.


Develop and release our second video series, Parenting with Confidence.


Rename The Apollos Project to The Disciple-Making Parent to more clearly communicate our purpose.

Articles Published on Other Sites

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3 Ways You Might Be Teaching Your Kids the Prosperity Gospel – You love the true gospel but are you undermining it in your parenting?

The North Star of Parenting – Where you aim in parenting is vitally important. Make sure you know true north.

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Advice to Guys Who Want to Date My Daughters – Fatherly exhortation to young men to get out there and date.


Radio Interviews

Family Life Today – This ministry reaches over a million listeners in a week. Family Life interviewed Chap about The Disciple-Making Parent here and here. In addition, they talked with us about how to overcome anger using our Parenting with Patience curriculum here and here.