Many times those growing up in a Christian home experience doubts. They have questions about the existence of God or the obedience commands. Doubts can bother them like a low-level fever. But left unchecked, this “low-level fever” starts to affect their lives. There are answers! And we want to help young people and adults understand those answers!


We provide equipping seminars for families and churches.

Our Seven Questions Everyone Should Answer provides solid answers to 7 vital questions:
1.How do we know that Jesus really existed?
2.How do we know that we can trust the Gospel?
3.Is Jesus God?
4.Did Jesus rise from the dead?
5.Is Jesus really the only way to God?
6.Why is there evil and suffering?
7.Why are their good people who are not Christians and hypocrites who claim to be Christians?

You can find more information about our CD set here.

Competitive Speech

We literally wrote the book on competitive apologetics speaking preparation. Our curriculum has helped equip hundreds of homeschooled students involved in competitive speech (You know who you are!)

If you are a parent thinking about have your child participate, we highly recommend it. This might be the most spiritually fruitful activity your high school student undertakes. Apologetics is like AP Bible: challenging but fruitful!

Our workbook has helped students all around the country.

Our 24 doctrine and apologetics videos are standard equipping material for many clubs.

Our camps inspire and coach students in how to tackle this difficult undertaking.

Chap has taught a club for the past ten years. Don’t you want your child to learn from a pastor?