7Q Box Shot DVD3

Doubts can eat away at anyone:

your teenager

your unbelieving friend

and even you!

Imagine a resource that would answer the basic questions you have about Jesus.

Questions like

  1. How do we know that Jesus really existed in history?
  2. Can we trust the biographies of Jesus?
  3. Is Jesus really God?
  4. Did Jesus rise from the dead?
  5. Is there only way to heaven?
  6. Why does God allow evil and suffering?
  7. Why are there hypocrites who claim to be Christians and good people who are not Christians?

Now, there is a resource just like that:

Together you can:

  • Listen to answer your questions.
  • Listen with your teen to answer their questions.
  • Listen with your youth group for Sunday School.
  • Give as a gift to the seeker in your life.
“Chap’s seminar was exceptional! His Christ centered apologetic to the “7 questions every person has” rooted us in scripture, and focused our eyes on Christ. He has a gift for simplifying each area. I recommend his seminar to any pastor or church leader looking for reasons to help their church in growing to give the reason for the hope that we have.”
Rev. Bauer Evans, Sr. Pastor, Crossway Church, Franklin, MA

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Comes with a free, downloadable, and reproducible workbook.

7Q Box Shot Notebook2

In addition, receive access to bonus material:

  1. The Power of Apologetics and Worldview – A seminar that explains why apologetics is so important in the life of our teens.
  2. Jesus Wept: Thoughts on Suffering – A sermon that expands on one point in the seminar.
  3. Evangelism for the Tongue-Tied – An overview seminar of the book by the same title.


“EXCELLENT WORK! Lots of work, I am sure, but you have done masterfully both in framing and collating the issues, and presenting them clearly and compellingly”
Dr. David Gadoury, Sr. Pastor, Cranston Christian Fellowship

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What’s the Cost?

Onsite seminar recordings are priced around $7 which would make $49 a reasonable price for the 10 sessions.

Instead, we want to serve you with a price of $24.

An excellent value for 10 sessions and a downloadable workbook.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. You risk nothing. If this resources does not meet your expectations, you can return it and I will happily refund your money.

Want to know more?

The original audience of these sessions were teens and parents of teens. Which means the CD is perfect for everyone except the most dedicated doubter.  While certainly there are deeper resources available, none focus on summarizing the material and point to making us decide about Jesus.

An in depth analysis of the questions covered include:

1. Without the Bible, how do we know that Jesus ever existed at all? Is the only evidence we have the gospels? Maybe the gospel writers made up this idea of Jesus. This session conclusively proves from nonbiblical sources that Jesus did exist.

2. Is the New Testament reliable as history?  Maybe Jesus existed but we cannot trust the biographies of Jesus, can we? They are biased and copies from much later, right? This session proves that we can trust the biographies of Jesus as history.

3. Who is Jesus of Nazareth? Is Jesus really God? Or was he just a good man? Many people say that Jesus was a good man but not God. Did he claim to be God or did the disciples push that on him? Was he a revolutionary that people made into a Messiah? This session proves that Jesus did claim to be God.

4. Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Or did the disciples make up this story? If Jesus rose from the dead, it is the most sensational event in history. If he did not, Christianity crumbles. Which is it? In this session, we will look at the proof that Jesus rose from the dead.

5. Is Jesus really the only way? What about other religions? How can Christians be so narrow-minded? In today’s pluralistic society, many church members don’t believe that Jesus is the only way to God. Did Jesus really claim to be the only way? In this session, we will see that Jesus did in fact, claim to be the only way to God.

6. Why is there evil and suffering in this world? If God is all-powerful and all-loving, why doesn’t he stop all the pain? If God is all-loving and all powerful then why does evil exist? In this session, we will see a surprising answer from Jesus and realize how it is the only satisfying intellectual answer.

7. Why is there so much hypocrisy in the church? Why are there good nonChristians and terribly acting people who call themselves Christians? Why are there so many people who call themselves Christians who don’t act like it? Does this call into question what Jesus taught? In this session, we will find out that Jesus actually predicted hypocrisy and hated it.

“Chap’s content is facts-driven and Christ-centered, and his format is down to earth. I was impressed with Chap’s questions to hard questions during the audience Q&A time. I recommend this with confidence.”
Seth Rambikur, Youth Leader, Exeter Chapel, RI

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Not $49 but $24

100% satisfaction guaranteed. You risk nothing. If this resources does not meet your expectations, you can return it and I will happily refund your money.

If thinking of using for small group study, lectures last 20-25 minutes, with q & a afterwards.

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