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This new spiral-bound Fearless Apologetics Student Workbook breaks down all of the new apologetics questions into 24 manageable topics – taking the scary out of apologetics for good!  Available now for: $27.99

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Preview the first few pages of the Fearless Apologetics Student Workbook here .

New Features Include:
Updated with the new Questions!

More website links
Synced to an additional, smaller theology textbook: Bible Doctrine by Wayne Grudem.
-New devotional guide that a child or family can use for individual or family devotions.

In addition
, I have included the access code to my Top Secret apologetics resources and illustrations blog within the first few pages of the Fearless Apologetics Student Workbook. This blog is where students can find quotes, links, illustrations (organized to match the workbook), discussions, and more! Currently there are over 500 illustrations and quotes organized by topic! All yours, thrown in for free.

Purchase your copy today* securely through PayPal for $27.99
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Recommended Textbooks:
Although you can just use the links in the workbook, it is best to use it together with other resources.

  • For doctrine, I highly recommend Systematic Theology OR Bible Doctrine, both by Wayne Grudem.
  • For the apologetics questions I highly recommend A Ready Defense by Josh McDowell.  Know Why You Believe by Paul Little is also excellent.

The Fearless Workbook directs the student to the relevant pages in each book.

How Does This  Compare with the Silver Book?
Great question. I wrote the Silver Book Doctrine edition several years ago. When NCFCA and Stoa decided to change their questions, I took the same content, took out the old questions, put in the new questions, and published it as the Fearless Apologetics Student Workbook. The current Silver Book Doctrine edition is out of date.

The Fearless Workbook is being used by clubs in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Georgia,  Kentucky, Indiana, Idaho and Ohio just to name a few states.  And others have been shipped to so many states that I have lost track. We have even shipped to Alaska! This workbook will equip you to compete in this category. If you are not completely satisfied, I will happily give you your money back!

If your child needs additional help, you can access my 24 video lectures. These lectures sync with the topics in the Fearless Student Workbook. For a sample, click here.