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Al Mohler comments on what the latest sociological research shows about emerging adults. This type of thinking will affect your children. He calls for continued engagement by parents, exactly what The Apollos Project is equipping others to do! The most important comment:

Helpfully, Smith and co-author Patricia Snell point to several factors that encourage emerging adults to remain connected and committed to churches and beliefs — and these have mostly to do with the roles played by parents and other adults in their lives. Young adults who remain closely related to their parents, and who have parents who put a premium on maintaining that relationship, are far more likely to remain both connected and committed. Significantly, their continued commitment also has a great deal to do with the roles played by other adults in a congregation.

Russell Moore comments on letting children listen to nonChristian music.

Receiving the Baton – Bob Kauflin shares some lessons from relay racing that are especially pertinent to readers of this blog.

How to Provoke Your Children – John MacArthur: “Parents provoke their children to wrath by various means too. Over my years as a pastor, I have observed many different ways parents have done this. Avoid all of them. Here are just a few examples…”

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