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Chap Bettis

Launching Your Eighteen Year-Old

By Parenting: Teens and Beyond

“Do you have any helps for how I can work with my twenty-year-old young adult?” “How do I disciple my eighteen-year-old?”  “Do you have any advice for me as my children approach the adult years and leave home?” I hear these and similar questions at every conference that I conduct. And I understand that pain. As a young father I wanted to be intentional in my parenting. When my children were young, I read a number of resources that helped give me a strong foundation. Later, I also began to develop biblical principles of discipleship appropriate to the ages of my…

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Five Reasons to Make Dinner an Event

By Family Discipleship, Parenting: Childhood, Parenting: Early Years, Parenting: Teens and Beyond

When Sharon and I were starting out as a family, we brainstormed on different practices that we hoped would characterize our family. Why? God gives us the privilege of creating a little family culture. For example, we have the privilege of determining the food we eat, the music in the house, the decorations on the wall, and the values we hold. It is a privilege. It is also a reflection of our imaging God. We are (rightly) ruling over this little part of God’s world. One of those values we had was we both wanted to emphasize family dinners. We…

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God at Work Aboard Mercy Ships – Bekah Bettis

By Christian Living, Evangelism, Interviews, Podcast
On this episode of The Disciple-Making Parent, I have a captivating conversation with my daughter Bekah Bettis, a nurse serving with Mercy Ships in Sierra Leone. Join us as we explore the incredible work of Mercy Ships in providing essential surgical care to those in need. Discover how Mercy Ships collaborates with local healthcare professionals and government ministries to address the specific healthcare needs of the community. Be inspired by Bekah's personal journey and her commitment to training and empowering local healthcare workers. Don't miss this eye-opening discussion on the impact of Mercy Ships and their mission to bring hope...
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Understanding Just War Theory

By Discerning Culture, Family Discipleship

I remember one of the first times my children came home to proudly report on what they had learned in history class. As they talked I thought to myself, “That isn’t history. That happened in my lifetime! Everyone knows that.”  Except of course, my children didn’t know it. They needed to be taught it.  I find myself thinking of this as I watch the coverage of the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East. Either deliberately or out of ignorance, many are ignoring hundred of years of our understanding of what a just war is. Yes, there is such a…

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How Heaven Motivates Our Holiness – Chap Bettis

By Christian Living, Family Discipleship, Marriage, Parenting: Childhood, Parenting: Early Years, Parenting: Teens and Beyond, Podcast
In this episode of The Disciple-Making Parent podcast, we delve into how a biblical understanding of heaven can profoundly impact family dynamics and relationships. We'll explore themes of heaven, holiness, and their relevance to daily life, emphasizing the importance of actions that please God rather than seeking human approval. The episode highlights the anticipation of heaven as a motivation for Christians to live holy lives, especially in family contexts. We also discuss the reality of judgment and grace, offering practical advice for believers to apply in their daily lives and relationships.   Resources From This Podcast The Glory Now Revealed,...
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Magic Phrases We Used with Our Young Children

By Family Discipleship, Parenting: Childhood, Parenting: Early Years

I was in Charlotte teaching my Parenting with Confidence material and it got me thinking about little magic phrases that were repeated in our house when our children were little. No, I can’t point to a verse backing each of these up. But they do fall under wisdom application. Use them if you think they might be helpful.  “Freeze” – This was our code word for absolute unquestioning obedience. Sharon and I would only use it for semi-life threatening circumstances like walking across a parking lot. With four children in six years, there were times that there was only room for one or…

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Heaven and the Exciting Things Awaiting Us – Andy Davis

By Christian Living, Family Discipleship, Parenting: Childhood, Parenting: Early Years, Parenting: Teens and Beyond, Podcast
On this episode of The Disciple-Making Parent Podcast, we have a thought-provoking conversation about the concept of heaven and its significance in our lives. We are joined by special guest Dr. Andy Davis, senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Durham, North Carolina, and author of the book "The Glory Now Revealed." We discuss the transformative power of remembering and learning about God's glory, the impact of rewards in shaping our eternal perspective, and the profound connection between our past experiences and the fullness of God's redemptive story. Discover how this understanding can bring hope, joy, and a renewed sense...
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Are You an Encouragement Giver or Taker?

By Christian Living, Family Discipleship, Marriage, Uncategorized

Encourage one another and build each other up. 1 Thes 5:11  Do you give encouragement to others? Or do you absorb it from others? I have been thinking recently about encouragement as a facet of love. It is a way we love those in our church. It is a way we love those in our families. But in particular, I am thinking about it is a specific way we love our spouse.  Men, do you encourage your wife? She needs it. Ladies do you encourage your husband? He needs it. How can you tell if someone needs encouragement? Easy. They are breathing.  All of us…

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A Young Woman’s Story of the Transforming Power of the Gospel – Brit Redfield

By Christian Living, Discerning Culture, Interviews, Parenting: Teens and Beyond, Podcast
On this episode of The Disciple-Making Parent Podcast, we dive into the powerful testimony of Brit Redfield and the struggles she faced as a young person turning away from Christianity. In this episode, we explore the challenges of reconciling personal feelings with biblical teachings and the transformative power of God's love. Through Brit's story, we are reminded of the importance of understanding and embracing the gospel in our lives. Brit Redfield Converge Webpage Email:   Resources From This Podcast Brit Redfield at profile and support page e-mail Brit Baptist Student Ministry Living Hope: Support and resources for leaving...
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How Joseph Helps us Understand the Difference Between Forgiveness and Reconciliation

By Christian Living, Family Discipleship
Forgiveness and Reconciliation As parents, we need to teach our children to forgive hurt and to ask others for forgiveness. Forgiveness is the gospel glue that keeps a family together. However, for teens and adults, our understanding of forgiveness needs some more nuance. Specifically, we need to make sure we know the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation. It is vital that we keep those two concepts clear in our minds. Joseph’s Story As I have worked with individuals to explain the difference, I have often found myself going back to the story of Joseph (Genesis 37-50). Although Joseph’s story makes a quaint...
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