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Chap Bettis

Different than the World – MLJ

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Nominal parents produce nominal kids. The glory of the gospel is that when the Church is absolutely different from the world, she invariably attracts it. It is then that the world is made to listen to her message, though it may hate it at first. That is how revival comes. That must also be true of us as individuals. It should not be our ambition to be as much like everybody else as we can, though we happen to be Christian, but rather to be as different from everybody who is not a Christian as we can possibly be. Our…

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Jeffery Zaslow of The Wall Street Journal writes about the lifestyle of young people using the term “hypersocializing.”  Al Mohler comments on this article His article should be read by parents, pastors, teachers, and anyone who cares about the minds and souls of young people. As prophets of technological pessimism from Jacques Ellul to Neil Postman have reminded us, every technology comes with an effect on the soul. How does this digital revolution effect the souls of young people who quite literally sleep with cellphones on the pillow, lest they miss a text message in the night? What space is…

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Our Fatal Flaw – C.S. Lewis

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Growth as a parent is growing in humility. Children are given to help us grow in holiness. And part of that wisdom is recognizing that I have what C.S. Lewis calls a fatal flaw. And you see, looking back, how all the plans you have made always have shipwrecked on that fatal flaw of X’s incurable jealousy, or laziness, or touchiness, or muddle-headedness, or bossiness, or ill temper, or changeableness…. This is the next great step in wisdom–to realize that you also are just that sort of person. You also have a fatal flaw in your character. All the hopes…

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Thirty-One Evangelistic Verses to Meditate On

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The purpose of The Apollos Project is to help parents pass on their faith. A number of factors contribute to whether our kids see a vibrant faith in us. One habit we need to have as parents is regularly sharing our faith with others. To help with that, occasional posts will be to help in sharing our faith – out of obedience to Christ, out of love for those not connected with God and out of a desire that our children see zealous parents. Christians often complain of having difficulty calling to mind the right Scriptures at the right time….

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Winning the Next Generation

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Kevin DeYoung says that winning the next generation is easier and harder than we think. His advice? 1. Grab Them With Passion. 2. Win Them With Love. 3. Hold Them With Holiness. 4. Challenge Them With Truth. 5. Amaze Them With God. Good evaluative questions for parents or church leaders might be: 1. How zealous is my life? Our church? Do I get them around zealous Christians? Or nice people? How can I increase my zeal? 2. Does my life show real, earnest, biblical love? (not niceness) 3.  Do my children see me growing? Or is my life’s holiness mocking…

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As I come across statistics, I want to post them online for all of us to see. Although we need not fear, as parents we do need to be informed. Today’s statistic: The Barna Group reported on those who are in their twenties. They found that only 20% of students “have maintained a level of spiritual activity consistent with their high school experiences.” The College Student Survey (originally at asked student about their religious commitment as freshmen and then four years later as seniors.  On every type of campus there was a drop in faith. The numbers of students…

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The Battle for Pleasure

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Let’s not fight our children’s desire for pleasure but rather direct them to the better pleasures. “Sin can exert a powerful vice-grip on the human heart, one that mere shouts of denunciation and threats of divine wrath fail to dislodge. The promise and allure of sensual gratification must be countered by the promise and allure of a gratification in God that is sweeter, more sublime, more beautiful, more exquisite, more excellent, more solid, more substantive, and more satisfying. One can only wonder at the impact of the church on this younger generation (and the older one as well) if such…

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J. C. Ryle on the Duties of Christian Parents

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Train with this thought continually before your eyes- that the soul of your child is the first thing to be considered. Precious, no doubt, are these little ones in your eyes; but if you love them, think often of their souls. No interest should weigh with you so much as their eternal interests. No part of them should be so dear to you as that part which will never die. The world, with all its glory, shall pass away; the hills shall melt; the heavens shall be wrapped together as a scroll; the sun shall cease to shine. But the…

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J.C. Ryle on the Sinfulness of Our Children

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Do we really believe and understand the paradox of our children. They are made in the image of God. And they are dreadfully sinful. J.C. Ryle states it this way: The fairest child, who has entered life this year and become the sunbeam of a family, is not, as his mother perhaps fondly calls him, a little “angel” or a little “innocent,” but a little “sinner.” Alas! As that infant boy or girl lies smiling and crowing in its cradle, that little creature carries in its heart the seeds of every kind of wickedness! Only watch it carefully, as it…

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Are We Raising Good Kids or Great Kids?

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We and our children are assaulted by the self-absorption of American culture. We are insulated and isolated from the needs of this world and the kingdom. This message will challenge you and your children to think about the needs of the world. I believe one of the ways to fight the worldliness of our kids is to “ruin” them by thinking about the needs of the world. David Platt: SBC Pastors Conference 2009 from Todd Thomas on Vimeo.

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