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King David’s Palace Discovered

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Liberal scholars doubt the truthfulness of the biblical record. But over time, the archeological discoveries only prove the truthfulness of the Bible. They never disprove it. Today we have word that King David’s palace is believed to be discovered, much to the surprise of those who see the OT stories as mere fiction. If I have to choose between trusting in the Bible or trusting in the doubters, I’ll place my bet with the Bible any day. HT: BTW

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Complementarian Thoughts for My Daughter

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With the current misunderstanding of Biblical masculinity and femininity, and with one daughter headed off from home, I have penned the following summary overview for what I believe Scripture teaches. It is not complete but touches on points I want her to understand. – 1. You are made in God’s image and extremely valuable to him (Gen 1:26-27). 2. Both men and women are on equal footing when it comes to salvation and access to the Father (Galatians 3:28). Both men and women are equally beloved by Jesus. Both men and women are equal recipients of the Holy Spirit. 3….

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