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12 Proverbs on Communication

By Church Life, Family Discipleship, Scripture & Scripture Lists

I find myself coming back to what the Scriptures have to say about speech. Why? So much blessing can come from good speech habits and so much harm can come from sinful speech habits. I hope you enjoy the following list. We would often post some of these around the house and memorize them. Our purpose was to create good speech habit and show how God’s authoritative Scriptures talks about our words. Here are 12 of my favorite communication verses. Memorize them. Post them around your house. My dear brothers and sisters, understand this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak,…

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Words That Last Forever: The Importance of Scripture in Today’s World

By Christian Living, Discerning Culture, Family Discipleship, Scripture & Scripture Lists

In 1949, George Orwell wrote 1984 as dystopian novel in which books are banned.  Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World in 1931 as a dystopian novel in which books don’t have to be banned. They are ignored by people. As many have noted, we are living in Huxley’s world. Between the Internet, our phones, and our conversations, who knows how many words a person encounters in a day? Yet, how many are the word of God? We don’t have to ban the Bible because it’s getting drowned out. The following list might encourage you with the gift you have in your hands. Read, meditate on, memorize, and…

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Wisdom and Joy

By Scripture & Scripture Lists

I recently had the privilege of marrying my son to a lovely young woman. As expected, their hearts were full of joy. But the hearts of all four parents were filled with joy as well. When our children make wise choices, we rejoice. I think children need to know that – even from an early age.   A wise son makes a glad father,    but a foolish son is a sorrow to his mother. Proverbs 10:1 We are connected. As much as our teens and 20 somethings want to assert a rightful independence, it is important to remind them of something…

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Thankfulness and Gratitude in the NT – A Quick Verse Bible Study

By Scripture & Scripture Lists

Giving thanks is seen in Scripture as a duty of men and women to the one who gives us all things. It is a fruit of the Spirit and of having a converted heart. The following verses are taken only from the NT and do not begin to touch this rich theme in the OT. Giving thanks is seen as an offering to God. Read and write out the following verses. How does this change your view of this topic? Luke 17:16-18 What did Jesus do? What was the appropriate response? Rev 4:9  What is happening now in heaven? Heb…

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Principles of Discipline From Hebrews 12

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As a parent and pastor, I love seeing when someone I teach lights up with understanding. This past Saturday, I taught my Parenting with Confidence seminar and that “light bulb moment” happened when we talked about discipline. Specifically, we talked about the reason we discipline. As a parent it can be difficult to impose pain on one we love. But our chastisement is rooted in the nature of God. We learn to deal with our children by looking at how the perfect Father loves his. In The Disciple-Making Parent, I talk about why we discipline from a discipleship point of…

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Thirty-One Evangelistic Verses to Meditate On

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The purpose of The Apollos Project is to help parents pass on their faith. A number of factors contribute to whether our kids see a vibrant faith in us. One habit we need to have as parents is regularly sharing our faith with others. To help with that, occasional posts will be to help in sharing our faith – out of obedience to Christ, out of love for those not connected with God and out of a desire that our children see zealous parents. Christians often complain of having difficulty calling to mind the right Scriptures at the right time….

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Memorizing Long Sections of Scripture

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Memorizing Scripture is an excellent means of grace to our souls. We can memorize individual verses for specific times. And we can memorize long passages of Scripture to meditate on the flow of the thought of the speaker or writer. But how to memorize long sections of Scripture? One of the most helpful treatments I have found on this subject is a pamphlet by Dr. Andrew Davis.  His suggested method boils down to this: 1. Recite  yesterday’s verse 10 times. Make sure to recite the reference. 2. Recite all of the Scripture that you have memorized including yesterday’s verse. 3….

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