Seeing Church Differently

We dream of the day that churches would inspire and equip parents to disciple their children.

What can we do together?

1. Provide a rich ministry philosophy – Senior pastors and all would realize that the family is a disciple-making unit that God intends to use. This is a foundational part of church not an add-on.
2. Identify and train a church champion – This church champion, paid or not, has shepherding gifts and a heart to equip families in their marriage and family life.
3. Provide Training Courses – The church is the place to train families in how to disciple their children. What systematic plan is in place in the church?
4. Provide Devotional Support – Our coming devotional resources provide families with devotional materials.
5. Provide 1-1 adult discipleship meeting. – One-to-one meetings provide a chance for more experienced dads and moms to share with those coming along.

Contact us. We want to help.