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The Disciple-Making Parent Podcast

Listen in on important conversations with wise but unsung guests.

Church Life

Guy Wilcox – How to Use The Disciple-Making Parent to Equip Parents in Your Church

You're a person who loves the material that The Disciple-Making Parent produces, but how do you help others catch the vision? What can you do to help others pass the gospel to their children and keep them from becoming spiritual casualties? In today’s episode, Guy Wilcox, a youth pastor out of Fayetteville, Arkansas, gets very specific about how he used the book, The Disciple-Making Parent to equip the parents in his large church. ----- We want to help you raise strong disciples of Jesus Christ, who can stand strong in today's culture, and you can get the audiobook of the…

Keith Plummer – How Scientism Might Be Causing Problems for You or Your Teen

"If only I had some scientific proof that Christianity is true that would really strengthen my faith." Have you ever found yourself thinking something like that? Or maybe your teen has also wished that there was scientific proof for Christianity? If that's true, then this podcast is for you. In today's podcast, we're going to be thinking about the blessing and limitations of science. We live in a time when we're blessed and amazed at the scientific discoveries that enrich our lives. But a belief in science can morph into the idea that science itself is how we know reality.…
Family Discipleship

Rick Horne – How to Shepherd Troubled and Angry Teens

The teenage years can be tumultuous. Suddenly we wake up and find that we have an angry and unmotivated teen. Where did that come from? We're talking with Dr. Rick Horne about the contents of his book, Get Outta My Face: How to Reach Angry and Unmotivated Teens with Biblical Counsel. The interview and his book will give you some very practical advice on how to speak with troubled teens.       Resources From This Podcast Get Outta My Face, by Rick Horne Get Offa My Case, by Rick Horne Topics Covered In This Week’s Podcast 00:11 Introduction 02:53…

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