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The Disciple-Making Parent Podcast

Listen in on important conversations with wise but unsung guests.

Christian Living

The Characters of Easter – Dan Darling

On this episode of The Disciple-Making Parent, we engage in a compelling conversation with Dan Darling about his book, "The Characters of Easter". We explore the surprising insights into the lives of Peter, John, Judas, Pilate, and other figures from the Easter story. We discuss how these real people with complex emotions and decisions bring depth to the biblical narrative. We also touch on the challenges and rewards of parenting, and how the sacrifices made by the parents of James and John provide a powerful example for modern families. Join us as we reflect on the transformative power of Easter…
Christian Living

Raising Children to the Glory of God – Ed Moore

In this episode of The Disciple-Making Parent, we present a special message from Ed Moore. Drawing from his extensive personal and pastoral experience, Ed shares valuable insights on parenting. He underscores the significance of expressing love to our children frequently and the impact of creating memories through spontaneous, fun, and creative activities. Ed further highlights the role of faith and grace in parenting, narrating his own journey of learning from failure and defeat. This episode is full of wisdom about raising children in a godly, impactful, and joyful manner. Resources From This Podcast The Cross Centered Life, by C.J. Mahaney…
Christian Living

God at Work Aboard Mercy Ships – Bekah Bettis

On this episode of The Disciple-Making Parent, I have a captivating conversation with my daughter Bekah Bettis, a nurse serving with Mercy Ships in Sierra Leone. Join us as we explore the incredible work of Mercy Ships in providing essential surgical care to those in need. Discover how Mercy Ships collaborates with local healthcare professionals and government ministries to address the specific healthcare needs of the community. Be inspired by Bekah's personal journey and her commitment to training and empowering local healthcare workers. Don't miss this eye-opening discussion on the impact of Mercy Ships and their mission to bring hope…

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