As a ministry partner who endorses the work of The Apollos Project (TAP), you have the right:

1. To know that TAP will never sell, rent, or make available your name for non-TAP purposes or information related to your gifts.

2. To know how TAP spends funds available to us and to be made aware of the cases or operations your gifts help fund.

3. To know that TAP is in compliance with federal, state, and municipal laws.

4. To designate your gift to one of our priority projects.

5. To receive a quick response to your inquiries about TAP finances and programs.

6. To visit our ministry offices and meet with us personally.

7. To expect that TAP will never use high-pressure tactics to solicit your support.

8. To know that TAP is efficient, organized, and well-managed.

9. To know that TAP has an involved and responsible independent Board of Directors that takes its oversight duties very seriously.

10. To know that our appeals for funds are truthful and accurate to the very best of our knowledge.

Adapted from the Alliance Defense Fund.