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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

What a joy to be together this past time.rsz_1img_9394

The Handouts are here –7 Questions Full Presentation PDF

You are welcome to use these for your edification. However, please do not post them online. Feel free to tell others about the seminar!

If you would like to purchase a CD to give away, you can purchase it here.

You should be receiving a few emails to introduce The Apollos Project and then hear from me about once every two weeks. If that is too much you can unsubscribe.

And if you would like to partner with us so that others can hear what you heard, let me know in that email.

– Chap

P.S. Could I ask you a favor? If the seminar blessed you, would you send me a short note about how it impacted your life? It would be blessing to my financial partners.

P.P.S. Our ministry is underwritten by Christians who believe in this ministry. If God is calling you to join us in this important work, we need to hear from you. Shoot us an email.