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One Evangelistic Question That Will Open a Person’s Heart


Step 3 in Evangelism for the Tongue-Tied is asking good questions that open up the conversation with an unbeliever. I saw Os Guiness at a conference several years ago. In his talk he made several points:

1. Most of our communication lacks persuasion.

2. We assume an enormous amount of interest.  We assume they are open, interested, and needy. The truth is many people are closed, uninterested, and unneedy.

So how do we communicate with those who might be closed and uninterested? Os encouraged asking questions as a indirect, involving, and subversive way to communicate with an unbeliever. He suggested the following as  an excellent question:

Have you ever had a moment when you just knew there was a God? Tell me about it.

That ought to get a person talking. Then we can see where the conversation goes from there. Do you have other questions like that?

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