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Evangelistic Questions for Your Christmas Gatherings

The Christmas season gives us all sorts of opportunities to interact with those who don’t know Christ.

There are Christmas parties for fellow workers. And holiday gatherings with distant relatives. But often we don’t know how to bring up the topic of Christ or spiritual things. And we are afraid of saying the wrong thing.images-1

That’s the whole purpose of Evangelism for the Tongue-Tied.

But today’s post is a Throw Back Thursday Post to point out Twelve Evangelistic Questions that can open a conversation to spiritual things. Think of these questions as tools in your toolbox.

Of particular benefit around Christmas one might be, “Have you ever thought much about Christmas? Who do you think Jesus is?” 

After they tell you that ask your diagnostic questions like – “Why do you think that? Have you ever thought about what happens if you are wrong?” or “Well have you ever looked at all the ancient prophesies he fulfilled? How do you think he did that if he was just a man.”

Let’s all pray for open doors this season.

Here’s the article.