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She’s Not Perfect But She’s Perfect for Me
Four Hints to Help Couples Pray Together Regularly 
Painful Love and Forgiveness

Passing the Baton
How Standing Stones Can Increase Faith in Your Children 
The Great Commission Starts at Home
My Children Need Persecution
The Father Delights in Us
Love and Wisdom
Family Love Makes the Triune God Visible
Family Principles Poster
The Nobility of a Father

Communication and Conflict
How Your Lack of Wisdom Can Alienate Your Child
The Secret of Positions and Interests In Resolving Conflict
Is Some Profanity OK? Some say Yes. 

For Fathers
Aaron and His Sons – Aaron’s passivity in parenting his children influenced their destruction.
A Father’s Intercession – One father’s example of intercession for his child.
Hint’s on Parenting from 1 Timothy 3 – Elder qualifications allow us to draw out some principles for fathers.

For Those With Daughters
Complementarian Thoughts for Daughters
Eight Thoughts on Protecting the Purity of Our Daughters

Research and Statistics
Statistics- Premarital Sex
Statistics- Christian Divorce
Effect of Cohabitation on children
Negative Effects of Cohabitation: Part 1
Negative Effect of Cohabitation: Part 2
Teens Too Busy for Church?
Facebook Usage Statistics
What is the Major Influence in the Religious Lives of Young Adults?
Religion Among the Millennials
A Teens Faith Maturity Study
2012 What Christian Teens Actually Believe

One Evangelistic Question That Will Pop Open a Persons Heart
How to Host an Evangelistic Cookie Swap
Remember Their Names
How to Hold a Free Yard Sale
Welcoming Visitors
Handcuffed for Jesus
12 Questions to Deepen Your Evangelistic Conversations
31 Evangelistic Verses to Meditate On

Apologetics (for our children and ourselves)
Understanding Roman Slavery and Why the Gospel Destroys Slavery
Historical Evidence That Jesus Existed

The Power of Prayer
The BLAST Prayer for our Children (and us)!