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As a busy parent, I know how hard it is to squeeze one more thing in!

In addition, providing the theological and apologetic explanation to prepare your child to answer over 100 questions can be overwhelming.

That’s why I developed the Fearless Workbook and why I have developed audios to go along with the Fearless Workbook.

After teaching this course for nine years, I understand what the students need for their soul and for competition.

You’ve seen my video page.

But what if you could have the same content in audio format?

  • What if dad could listen to it in the car?
  • What if mom could listen to it while working in the yard?
  • What if everyone could listen in the car together?

Now all those things are possible! The Fearless Apologetics Audios are here! Check out our resource page.

Please note to save you money these are in MP3 format. You will have to download to your smart device. Putting this much information on 9 regular CDs would have been cost prohibitive.

These audios will help your student:

  • Prepare for the upcoming competitive speech season
  • Understand what they believe and why to believe it
  • Tackle tough questions about their faith

Students will bring the material from the head to their heart when the whole family can talk about it. Up until now, that required parents to sit in front of a computer. Now anyone can listen to the information anywhere.

Check out our resource page.

The 24 Lectures sync with The Fearless Apologetics Student Workbook and include:
The Trinity
The Transcendence and Immanence of God
The Holiness of God
The Sovereignty of God
The Existence of God
The Nature of Man
The Fall of Man
The Deity of Jesus
The Incarnation of Jesus
The Resurrection of Jesus
What Did Jesus Accomplish on the Cross
Is Jesus the Only Way?
The Inspiration and Inerrancy of the Bible
The Reliability of the New Testament
The Reliability of the Old Testament (including a discussion of the Dead Sea Scrolls)

Please Note!

These audios are in mp3 format, not regular CD format.

If I had put these 24 lectures on CD, it would have taken up 9 CDs. The price would be exorbitant.

But instead, I have made the files available for download so that you can load it to your smart phone or portable music device. As a result, you get all 24 lectures for less than the price of an iTunes song. Check our resource page for up to the minute pricing.

There is no risk. If you are not satisfied and do not think it is some of the best money you have invested in your children, I will happily refund your tuition.