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Give a reason for the hope within.

We'll prepare you to compete in NCFCA Apologetics.

What is Fearless Apologetics?

Our materials equip junior high and high school students to compete in the NCFCA speech league. This material has been written by a pastor with over 30 years experience and is the most used curriculum in the league. It is literally used around the country.

Order our materials individually or in packages below.


Features: Basic Package Complete Package Pro Package
  FA_BAS_500x638_100 FA_COM_500x638_65 FA_PRO_500x638_100
1 Student Workbook with: Yes Yes Yes
Speech Rules/Helps Yes Yes Yes
Suggested Readings and Links for Each Question Yes Yes Yes
Suggested Memory Verses Yes Yes Yes
Family/Personal Devotion Guide Yes Yes Yes
Illustration Website Yes Yes Yes
24 Online Videos/ 9 Hours of Teaching/ Family Subscription One Year Lifetime Lifetime
Clickable Links to sites for each of the 24 topics. One Year Lifetime Lifetime
24 MP3 Lectures on Audio for access anywhere on your smart device.   Yes Yes
Camp-in-a-Box Video Course: Apologetics camp content from the comfort of home.   Yes Yes
1 Coach’s Book with:     Yes
Lecture Outlines     Yes
Syllabus and Suggested Class Schedule     Yes
Coach-the-Coach Course: How to set the right goals, structure a week, run a club, and avoid common problems in a club.     Yes
Purchased Separately: $70 $132 $179
Package Discount: $49 – Save 25% $99 – Save 35% $119 – Save 35%
Buy Now: Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Fearless Apologetics Individual Resources

Fearless Apologetics Student Workbook
This new spiral-bound Apologetics Student Workbook breaks down all of the new apologetics questions into 24 manageable topics – taking the scary out of apologetics for good!
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Fearless Apologetics Coach’s Guide

This guide contains apologetics teaching information, week by week lesson plans, as well as Chap’s teaching notes, all in an easy to follow format – making a difficult topic much less scary! This guide is also designed to follow the same format as the Fearless Apologetics Student Workbook.

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Fearless Apologetics Online Video Series – Lifetime family* only $44.70 (that’s $1.86 a piece – almost the cost of an itunes song) .

The same videos Chap used in his Apologetics Class are now available to you through this online subscription. The videos are constructed to parallel the Fearless Apologetics Workbook and go indepth on the content of each topic. Over 9 hours of teaching! *You will be asked at check-out to provide the email address you would like to have access to the videos. This is the email we will send your video access password to.

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Fearless Apologetics MP3 Audio Lectures – Regularly $35 – Now $29

The audio lectures from the videos. These are the lectures Chap gives his students every year. Over 9 hours of teaching! Each lecture is from 18-30 minutes. If put on CDs, it would require numerous CDs and an exorbitant cost! Instead, these MP3s are available for download to your smart phone or music player. You get 24 lectures for less than the price of an itunes song each!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Chap and how does he understand this NCFCA event?

Chap is a pastor, a former NCFCA homeschool dad, and former state rep. All four of his children competed in apologetics during their years in NCFCA. In fact, the reason he wrote the curriculum was to help his oldest who wanted to compete in this event.

In addition, Chap coached an apologetics club for 12 years. So Chap understands the theology, the needs of competition, and the benefits the event can have for students. He remains in contact with the current NCFCA leadership and has offered workshops at Nationals.

Learn more about Chap here.

I am a club leader and want to use the videos as the teaching element of the club. How do I do that?

As a former pastor and homeschool father who lived on one salary, I know how tight money can be! I have tried to think about how to honor everyone involved: the club, the family, as well as the work that goes into creating and updating the videos.

As a result, if you want to use the videos as a club, I would ask you to have each family buy a package. There is a package that is right for every commitment level.

When a family has their own video access, they can watch the video at home before club. They can watch it if someone is sick. Or the whole family can watch it for family devotions. The best results from this event happen when the whole family is learning together!

Do you offer any discounts?

Because we are a ministry, we do not run sales. However, we have priced the packages so that each family can receive a discount when they order a package. These discounts are over 20%.

I want to order a number of books. Is there any way to save on shipping?

Clubs that order 5 or more books to the same address also receive free shipping. That saves postage for you and our time by shipping to just one address. Simply email admin@theapollosproject for your free shipping coupon code.

Is this material in sync with the new questions?

Yes! We have completely updated and revamped the Fearless Apologetics workbook for the 2022-2023 season. We want to support your coaching endeavor!

We do our best to keep up with the new questions. The basic theology and apologetic material never changes. So even if the questions change, the material is still relevant. 

I had lifetime access to the videos on another platform but that seems to have gone away. What should I do?

Yes, we migrated to another learning management platform and tried to get in touch with everyone. Simply email us and we will send you the instructions and free coupon codes right away.

I’m worried it is not for me.

No problem! We have a 100% money-back guarantee. You literally risk nothing to try it.

Want to order multiple copies?

Reach out to us for special bulk pricing.