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Parents of Older Children

As your children move into the tweenage and teenage years, they are making crucial life decisions. It is time for our disciple-making strategy to kick in.

This page is intended as a quick-start guide to resources that will help you.

Quick Start Guide


One of the best ways you can gain a foundation is by reading chapter 1 of The Disciple-Making Parent. You can receive it free by signing up for our newsletter. Our weekly emails are filled with biblical help for becoming a disciple-making parent.

In addition to the first chapter and weekly emails, we’ll also send you our Family Discipleship Guide to help you get started.

In addition, you might find the resources aimed at parent of younger children to be helpful. You can find that page here.


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Kevin McKay: Bullying and the Gospel  –  How do we coach our children through a time of bullying? Listen to this wise advice.

How Mothers Can Defeat the Comparison Virus  – Help for moms who are feeling insecure.


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Video Studies

Parenting with Patience: Overcoming Anger in Your Home – Many of us thought we were pretty patient….until we had children. Suddenly, we are yelling at the children or slamming a cabinet. You can stop feeling guilty and overcome the shame. This 5-week, video-driven Bible study is perfect for individual or small group study.

Parenting with Confidence: Biblical Foundations in a Chaotic World – This is our parenting 101 material. In it, we talk about training, instruction, consequences, routines, and rewards. There are suggestions on how to create a character chart and how parenting changes over time. It’s perfect for individual or small group study.

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The Disciple-Making Parent – This is guidebook will give you confidence in the journey ahead as you seek to disciple your children. It is never too late to get these foundations in your mind.

The Donut Date Journal – A 1-to-1 date is a great investment of time. While every age is important, children from five to twelve especially love this.

You can also check out the rest of the books available by following the link below to my bookstore.

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