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Feeling unsure in your parenting?

Parenting with Confidence will equip you with biblical foundations in our chaotic world.

Sample Videos

Video 1: Biblical Themes

Video 2: Training and Instruction

The 7-week study video is based on a beautifully designed workbook that includes:

Fill-in-the-blank space to take notes on the videos.

Numerous parenting essays that elaborate on the videos.

Self-evaluation questions at the end of each section.

Charts to copy and use right away.

Plus – extra material not found in the videos.

121 pages chock full of parenting wisdom!

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Get access to free training videos when you purchase the Parenting with Confidence Workbook
1. Buy the Book

Purchase your copy of Parenting with Confidence here.

2. Email Your Receipt

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3. Get Access

We will email you instructions to access your videos.

4. Experience Growth

Start studying God’s Word and growing in the Lord!.

What Others Are Saying

“Parenting with Confidence is my new favorite resource on Christian parenting. Chap does an amazing job explaining what the Bible says about parenting in a way that is super practical and down-to-earth. Perfect for newer parents or anyone who wants to grow. I wish this had been around when I was a new dad!”

Bruce HoffmirePastor of Children’s Ministry, CrossWay Community Church, Bristol Wisconsin

“As a Children’s Director, I cannot recommend Parenting with Confidence highly enough. So many parents have questions about the basics of parenting and this material provides so many answers.”

Paige AtkinsChildren’s Director, Morrison Heights Baptist Church, Jackson, MS

“The content of each and every section is so, so important and courageous and good! THANK YOU for the practical details, examples, case studies, quotes, advice and ideas!! This study is a treasure-trove of wisdom.”

A. F.Mother of 3, TN

“I have a background in biblical counseling, and a problem I’ve run into over the years in directing others to solid parenting resources. When reading through the Parenting with Confidence workbook (and Parenting with Patience as well), I felt like I was holding a gold mine. So truly, thank you!”


Which Course is Right for You?

Features: Individual/Small Group Course Complete Course Church/Counseling Center Course
Intended Audience Those who want the least expensive option. Those who want the workbook immediately or are overseas and cannot order the workbook from us. Those who want to show it to their whole church and have students also watch at home. Those who want to download the videos onto their computer.
Bible Study Workbook with Places to Take Notes, Charts, Essays, and Reflection Questions.




Five Streaming Video Lessons One Year Subscription Two Year Subscription Lifetime Subscription and Downloadable
Workbook in downloadable PDF   Yes Yes
Leader’s Videos with Suggestions for Leading Each Discussion     Yes
Leader’s Lecture Notes and Keynote Slides to Teach the Material Yourself      Yes
Coupon for Student Video Access     Coupons for 20 Students in Your Church/Counseling Center
Cost $29 Free with workbook purchase $39 $99
Buy Now: Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now



Frequently Asked Questions

What perspective are you coming from?

I am a Christian and believe that Jesus gives the answer to life’s problems. Specifically, this material is influenced by the biblical counseling philosophy of CCEF and ACBC. I quote Dr. David Powlison extensively.

Are there DVDs?

To keep costs as low as possible, the videos are not available on DVDs. They are available as a streaming videos (just like Netflix). In addition, the Church plan allows you to download them to your computer. Again, please honor the copyright and don’t post them online. Future plans call for putting them on a memory stick for areas that can’t get the Internet.

About how long is each lesson?

There are 7 lessons with two videos each of about 12-14 minutes. Therefore each lesson is about 30-35 minutes. You can run one lesson a week and watch about both videos. Or you can run 1/2 of a lesson each week and watch a lesson for 15-18 minutes.

How does the workbook function?

The workbook includes fill-in-the-blank pages for the video notes to allow you to more easily follow along. Charts referenced in the videos are included. In addition, there are numerous short essays on each topic.

I want to teach the material myself. Can I?

That’s super. In person instruction is better. The Church Leader version has the transcript and the Keynote files for you to use. Just please dont post it online for the general public to see.

If I order the Complete or Church version, can I make copies of the workbook for my students?

Thank you for asking but the pdf Bible study workbook is just for your personal use. Please honor the copyright (and all the hard work) and encourage each member to buy their workbook study from us.

If I order the Basic Course, can I upgrade?

There is no automatic way to upgrade. However, we have included a coupon code in the Basic and Complete version to give you credit for your purchase. Just use the coupon when you purchase the Church version and it will take the appropriate dollar amount off the price of the Church Leader version.

I’m worried it is not for me.

No problem! We have a 100% money-back guarantee. You literally risk nothing to try it.

Want to order multiple copies of the workbook?

Reach out to us for special bulk pricing.