As a pastor you want to lead your church well. We want to help! I planted and pastored a church for 25 years. Believe me, I understand the stresses and challenges you face. In fact, you might want to check out several blog posts that will be of personal interest to you: How Churches Can Care for Their Pastors Children and How Pastors Can Care for Their Children.

We might be able help you in a number of ways:

We Equip Families in Family Discipleship

As a new parent, I found lots of great resources in parenting. But none helped me with my greatest goal – passing the gospel to my children so that they would follow the Lord as adults. We equip parents in this area.

Parenting with Confidence seminars – What are biblical principles that should guide our thinking in this crucial part of our lives?

Fully Convinced seminars – How to disciple your children so that they are not a casualty in the spiritual battle.

Our booklets are perfect for Sunday School classes.

We Equip Families in Apologetics and Worldview

Our 7 Questions weekend seminar might be perfect for you. More likely, the 7 Questions CD will be a helpful resource to put in the hands of your parents.

We Equip Churches to Think Intentionally About Family Discipleship

After 25 years of leading a family oriented church, I understand the challenges and rewards of implementing these principles in your church. I will be happy to talk with you about lessons I learned and challenges we faced.