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Cameron Cole: Hope When You Lose a Child

On November 11th, 2013, Cameron Cole received a call from his wife he will never forget. Their three-year-old son Cam had died in his sleep. It has to be every parent’s worst nightmare. How do we survive? Where is God in that situation? Where can I find hope to go on? Today’s podcast is one straight for the heart. Do you know families that have lost young children? Are you one of those families? If so, you are part of a fraternity that you never signed up for. This is where Cameron and Laurne Cole found themselves in 2013. How do…
Family Discipleship

Jonas Williams: Chick-fil-A Secrets and Your Family

I bet almost everyone listening to this podcast has eaten at a Chick-fil-A. What are their behind-the scenes-secrets, and how can you apply them to your home? You are in for a treat today. In this podcast, we are going to talk to Jonas Williams, owner operator of the Chick-fil-A in Seekonk, MA.  This recorded conversation came about because I wanted to learn from him about how Chick-fil-A restaurants are so well run. Why? Well, Scripture tells us that elders and deacons are to manage their households well. While certainly every lesson can’t directly apply, many can. Jonas became serious…

Dr. Timothy Paul Jones: How We Got the Bible

As Christians, we claim that our Bibles are God’s inspired word. Yet how did we get our Bible? God didn’t just drop those 66 books down from heaven to your local publisher. Are these ancient documents filled with error, giving us wrong information about Jesus? In today’s podcast  we are going to talk to Dr. Timothy Paul Jones, a professor at Southern Seminary about his book How We Got the Bible. I once had a seminary professor say to our class, "There are two doctrines that are always under attack by the devil – the doctrine of the cross and the…



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