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Alexander Strauch – The Household of God and Your Household

Watch the interview with Alexander Strauch on YouTube. Resources From This Podcast Biblical Eldership, by Alexander Strauch The School of the Shepherds Equal Yet Different, by Alexander Strauch The Hospitality Commands, by Alexander Strauch When the Church Was a Family, by Joseph Hellerman The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood   Topics Covered In This Week's Podcast 00:15 Introduction 02:55 About the ministry andĀ Biblical Eldership 06:20 The vocabulary the New Testament uses for church leaders 12:39 Family as an extension of the church 17:43 How elders and deacons can manage their households well 24:06 Should elders step down if…
Christian Living

Dr. Richard Ross – Connecting with the Heart of Your Teen

    Watch the interview with Dr. Ross on YouTube. Resources From This Podcast Turning Hearts- Dr. Ross's website Jesus: The Reigning King, by Rob Rienow and Richard Ross Reign: Awakening a Young Generation to King Jesus, by Richard Ross & Clayton Ross Topics Covered In This Week's Podcast 00:15 Introduction 02:15 Creating a heart connection with your teen 08:18 Keeping the heart connection healthy 17:15 The necessity of encouragement 29:07 The impact of Christ's reign on the lives of teens Episode Transcript Chap: I'm Chap Bettis, and you're listening to The Disciple-Making Parent, where we seek to equip parents…
Discerning Culture

Brett McCracken – The Wisdom Pyramid

We are raising children in the information age. We need a new unit of measurement- the exabyte. Experts predict in 2025, 463 exabytes will be created online every day. That's the equivalent of over 270 million DVDs. Even more amazingly, that data is all available from a device I carry in my hand. But what if all this information was not making my family more wise, but instead more foolish? In today's podcast we are going to talk to Brett McCracken about his book, The Wisdom Pyramid. In it McCracken lays out a vision for living a wise life by…

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