Parenting with Patience (Participant Workbook)


Not again!
You lost it, you’re furious, and you feel like a total failure. You yelled, slammed the door, or hit the table. Then the shame and guilt set in. “These are my precious children. What am I thinking? What can I do?”

There is hope! Parenting with Patience is a five-week, video-driven Bible study designed to help you change.

In Parenting with Patience you will discover:

  • Foundational biblical teaching to understand what drives your anger./li>
  • How anger is both a foe and a friend, and how that will motivate you to change.
  • Seven parenting principles to help you see your situation differently.
  • An anger journal template that will guide you toward real changes in your behavior.
  • Twenty-five devotional studies to help you dig deeply into God’s Word.
  • Plus:Online streaming videos (available for purchase at to help you understand this vital subject.

What are you waiting for? Start conquering your anger today!