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Remember their Names

For Heaven’s Sake – Remember Their Names

My son is playing Little League baseball. As I watch him practice and play, might God also have another purpose for me? Might there be some divine appointments with these other parents? Maybe. So how do I go about building relationships week to week?

Step 1 – Remember their names! As I have said before, every hint I pass on, I have learned by failing. This is no different. The first week I went to practice I spent a long time talking with another father. But at the end… I could not remember his name.

No problem, I thought, the coach gave me roster with every child’s name and every parent’s name. No problem except… I misplaced the piece of paper with the roster. Instead of treating that roster as valuable as gold, it was another piece of paper to be stuffed in my briefcase, my coat, or the pile in the kitchen. I never did find it!

In building a relationship week after week, learning and remembering someone’s name is very important. Remembering their name shows you care. It helps you build instant rapport. Every person wants to be seen as an individual and feel special. A person’s name really is the most important word to him or her. In fact, using another person’s name is a Biblical expression of love. Greet the friends there by name (3 John 14).

As you seek to build relationships with unbelievers for the purpose of the gospel, remember their name. How?
1. Say their name when they give it to you.
2. Repeat it during the conversation.
3. Say it in the final sentence as you part.
4. Write it down.

I’m getting better at learning the parent’s names. What about you? It is worth the effort.

For the heaven’s sake, remember people’s name.

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