“Chock full of biblical wisdom – you’ll find yourself underlining line after line, page after page.Marty Machowski, Author, Long Story Short and The Gospel Story Bible.

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Your children will either live forever with Jesus or apart from him. Too many growing up in Christian homes will not follow Christ as adults.

Do you have a strategy for parenting in today’s hostile culture?

The Disciple-Making Parent will give you confidence in your journey.

In The Disciple-Making Parent you will learn:

  • The North Star to Guide Your Parenting
  • The Process Second-Generation Christians Go Through
  • The Reasons Young People Walk Away from the Faith
  • Nine Powerful Influences Found in Wise Families
  • How Your Example Can Commend the Gospel
  • What Your Children are Watching at Home
  • How to Explain Hypocrisy to Them
  • Why the Heart is the Most Important Part of Them (and How to Stay Connected
  • How Discipline Prepares Them for the Gospel
  • How To Clearly Explain the Gospel to Little Children
  • How to Nourish Them with the Word of God
  • Different Ways to Have Family Devotions (and When to Stop)
  • How to Cast a Vision of the World
  • How to Pray for Your Children (and for Yourself)
  • The Doubts Your Children Will Experience and What You Can Do
  • How to Deal with the Electronics and Media Tsunami
  • And Much More

So comprehensive that I could remove all the parenting books I have and place only The Disciple-Making Parent on the shelf!Jackie Kendall, President, Power to Grow, Author, Lady in Waiting.

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Waging War on Lust
This booklet has been put together to help anyone, but particularly men and young men, to engage in the war within. This 18 day study takes young men directly into a guided study of the word. It can be used for discussions between men in small groups. It is particularly designed for a father and son to discuss together or for a parent to give to his/her son. You can find an electronic copy here.
Delighting in the Lord Together
Thoughts on Leading your Family in Public Worship. For 20 years, New Covenant and the Bettis Family have been practicing intergenerational church worship. This booklet will give you the why and the how. You can find the electronic copy here..