Shepherding a Child’s Heart – Replace the word child with church member and many of these principles apply to pastoring.

The Adversary – Most North American Protestants have a weakly developed demonology. This book is both biblical and practical.

The Peacemaker – As a pastor, I am usually calming a conflict that should not be happening. You must have a well developed theology of biblical peacemaking.

Preaching with a Purpose – This oldie by Jay Adams will force you to think about why you are preaching. It will keep you from a theological lecture that hits the head but not the heart.

Relationships: A Mess Worth Making – A short primer on relationships.

The Making of a Leader – I refer back to this book again and again to remind me of how God develops leaders.

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage – As shepherds the ethics of marriage, divorce, and remarriage comes up again and again.

Humility – This book changed my life as I sought to make humility one of the virtues of my life.