Thank you for committing to the 7 Questions Seminar.

The purpose of the seminar is to present Jesus Focused Answers to 7 basic questions that bother many Christian young people in a manner that results in greater commitment to Jesus Christ.

Those questions include:

  1. How do we know that Jesus existed?
  2. How can we trust the Gospels as history?
  3. How can we know that Jesus is God?
  4. How can we know that Jesus rose from the dead?
  5. How can we know that Jesus is the only way?
  6. Why does God allow evil and suffering in the world?
  7. Why are there hypocrites in the church and good people who are not Christians?

To have a successful time, I will need:

  1. Powerpoint projector and screen set up.
  2. Control of advancing of the slides. I have over 120 slides and saying, “Next” will be really distracting. So ways to handle this include: plugging the powerpoint into my laptop or putting the presentation on the church computer but putting the advancing device in my hands. If this is an issue, I need to know about it immediately so that we can figure out a workaround.
  3. A table in the back to layout some books/booklets for sale. In addition, I will bring my own reference books for perusal.
  4. An assistant to help with selling items.
  5. A worship team to introduce and close our time each day will really add a lot to the time. Although not absolutely necessary, a worship team warms the hearts of those who attend and engages the heart and not just the head.
  6. A podium to put my notes on. Depending on the size of the group, I like to be on the floor so that I can engage the audience and look back at the powerpoint projection. A music stand works fine.
  7. A wireless mic so that I can move around. This is not absolutely necessary but really makes the presentation more lively.

To prevent misunderstanding I have drawn up a memo of understanding that will help us make sure we are all on the same page.

Chap will:
1. Come to the seminar on time, prayed up and ready to go.
2. Publicize the event in his circles.
3. Deliver the material in a compassionate, pastoral way.
4. Be willing and able to talk with others who have questions.

The host church will:
1. Actively pray for the event in the months leading up the seminar and encourage the congregation to pray.
2. Actively promote the event in their church and network of churches.
3. Have senior leadership support.
4. Provide the essentials in the above list.
5. Provide any agreed upon honorarium in a timely manner.