Raising our children to love and follow Jesus Christ is our highest parenting priority. But most parents are woefully uninformed and unequipped in this area. They are leaving it all to the church. In this seminar, we want to inspire, encourage, exhort and equip the parents in this vital area of living the Christian life.

Presentation Outline

Session 1 – Where We Are Now and Why They Walk Away– In this first session we look at the precious gift God has given us, the dangers awaiting them, and the call of God upon us to pass the gospel baton. We also look at some reasons that children don’t keep following the Lord.

God’s Most Effective Shepherd – For the second part of this session, we look at God’s calling on parents as the primary disciplers of their children.

Session 2 – Commitments 1 and 2 of Disciple-Making Parents – In this session, we start our journey through 2 Timothy 3:14-15, looking at the process 2nd gen Christians go through and how the most important commitment has to do with our “North Star.” We also look at the power of the local church.

Session 3 – Model and Love. In this session, we talk about two of the most important qualities of our discipleship – modeling a living faith and making our home a loving place. We will talk about home as a place of sanctification and how to emotionally connect with our children.

Session 4 – Teach, Serve, and Pray. In this session, we talk about our commitment to teach the gospel and the Bible and how to do that. We will give particular attention to making suggestions for family devotions and speaking the gospel to your children.

Session 5 – Issues Teens Face. In this optional session, we take a look at some special issues that teens face. We will also quickly cover some thoughts on doubts and the media.


Target Audience

This seminar is aimed at parents of younger children. Parents of teens can also benefit.

Possible Formats

Saturday morning through lunch has worked well although it feels rushed. A Friday night-Saturday morning can also work and would be best.

Intended Outcome

Parents will be challenged, inspired, and equipped to take up their God-given role. Pastors and youth pastors can cast a vision for family involved discipleship.


Chap and Sharon have raised four children who are walking with the Lord and have a heart connection. Chap served as a pastor for 25 years and and understands the different challenges families face. He has presented these materials to many groups over the years.