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As I come across statistics, I want to post them online for all of us to see. Although we need not fear, as parents we do need to be informed.

Today’s statistic:

The Barna Group reported on those who are in their twenties. They found that only 20% of students “have maintained a level of spiritual activity consistent with their high school experiences.”

The College Student Survey (originally at asked student about their religious commitment as freshmen and then four years later as seniors.  On every type of campus there was a drop in faith.

The numbers of students who no longer claim to be “born again” actually vary depending on the type of school they attend.

Students at public universities drop out of the “born again” designation at the rate of 27 percent.

Protestant colleges show 31 percent fewer “born agains” by their senior year.

Those attending private (secular) universities indicate a 45 percent decline.

Even on colleges associated with the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities, 7 percent of “born again” freshmen renounce that description by their senior year!

Enough discouraging news for the day. We have work cut out for us as parents and Christ is still on the throne!

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