I am always looking for recommendations. There is no way I can keep up with all the resources coming out so feel free to send them to me through the contact form.


The Disciple-Making Parent – Chap Bettis.  How to raise your children to love and follow Jesus. Free audiobook with purchase.

The Donut Date Journal: 70 Questions for Parent to Ask Their Children- Chap Bettis. Great activity that connects the heart.

The Donut Date Journal 2: 70 Questions for Children to Ask Their Parents- Chap Bettis. Reverse the process and have children ask questions of their parents or grandparents.

Shepherding a Child’s Heart– Tedd Tripp. The classic book aimed at basic parenting information.

Don’t Make Me Count to Three– Ginger Hubbard. Applies Tedd Tripp’s principles to younger children.

Reading the Bible:

The Big Picture Story BibleDavid Helm

The Big Picture Family Devotional – David Helm

Family Devotions Helps by Marty Machowski:

Long Story Short: Ten Minute Devotionals from the Old Testament

Old Story New: Ten Minute Devotionals from the New Testament

Wise Up: Ten Minute Devotionals from Proverbs

The Ology: Ancient Truths.

Bible Reading:

Exploring the BibleDavid Murray. A journal-like study


7 Questions Everyone Should Answer Chap Bettis. Jesus-oriented apologetics in an audio format. Perfect for car rides.

A Practical Guide to CultureJohn Stonestreet. Answers to cultural issues your teen is facing.

Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side– Natasha Crain. Apologetics for younger children.

Current Issues: Small readable books on issues our teens are facing.

Transgender – Vaughn Roberts

Is God Anti-Gay? – Sam Allberry

The Porn Problem – Vaughn Roberts

Can I Really Trust the Bible?Barry Cooper


Rebellious Teens/Prodigals:

Get Outta of My FaceRick Horne. A helpful coaching of parents to find the common ground with the teen of wanting a successful life.


Resources for Explaining The Birds and Bees

Forgotten Factors – Start by dealing with your own sexual baggage. This book can help.

The Story of Me, Before I Was Born – The two classics for young children. Appropriately specific and vague at points. Easy to read with pictures that are appropriately specific and distant enough. The only critique is that book 1 is written as if a mom is talking to her son. Not sure what to do with little girls. Both books show white couples which may be a problem if you are not Caucasian. Other than that, they are classic for a reason.

The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality,

Changes: 7 Biblical Lessons to Make Sense of Puberty  – Luke Gilkerson. If you are nervous about having the talk, these resources each provide a chance to have multiple talks. Written in a lesson plan format, the text is for you to repeat almost word for word. Each lesson suggests a Scripture to read. Each included biology textbook type drawings. Book 1 is for children 6 to 10. Book 2 is for children 8 to 12.

Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality – Jim Burns. This is a light introduction to lots of different topics. It is a little lighter than I like but helpful.

Resources For The Teen Years

Passport to Purity Dennis & Barbara Rainey. The classic weekend getaway for a parent and child. Six lessons that you listen to and then discuss. 

Finally Free – I read and went through this with a young man in his twenties. A longer book. Aimed at older readers

The Porn Problem This is the next entry in The Talking Points book. It is short and readable. While it may not be a book the two of you will do together, it will give fathers some “talking points.”

The Purity Principle – Another short book to read through together. I love Randy Alcorn and his ministry.

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