Over 40% of young people experience doubt in junior high. Another 43% have their first questions in high school. We want to do all we can to show the positive reasons for the Christian faith.

When you look at the evidence, it takes more faith to be an atheist than it does to be a Christian.

7 Questions Everyone Should Know Answer

Recorded live at a weekend conference, this 5 hour resource answers the questions:
1. How do we know that Jesus existed. Is their evidence outside the Bible?
2. Can we trust the gospels as history?
3. Is Jesus of Nazareth really God?
4. Did Jesus rise from the dead? Why does it matter?
5. Is there really only one way to heaven?
6. Why is their evil and suffering? What would Jesus say?
7. Why are there hypocritical Christians and good non-Christians?

Our CD allows your family to listen to the whole seminar in the car. (Or have your pastor invite us to your church for a conference.)

Fearless Apologetics

This 24 week doctrine and apologetics curriculum is already being used by homeschool speech students around the country. The home study version is set to release soon. Check back for updates.