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DMPDear New Friend,

As promised, this page contains the download for audiobook. You can access it by downloading these four files: DMP 0-7DMP 8-14 DMP 15-21DMP 22-28. You should be able to unzip and then load them onto your smart device or play them on your computer.

What is a zip file and how does it work?
A little technical coaching: Because it is over nine hours of recording the files have been compressed. That’s what a zip file is. When you download it and double click on the file it should create a folder with all of the uncompressed mp3 files. You can move those directly into itunes on your computer.

Options for Playing On Your Computer/Phone
1. Play the links below.
2. Download the files. Move them to Dropbox or Icloud drive and play with the app on your phone.
3. Download and move to Itunes. I am liking and using the Audiopo app for playing these files at an increased speed.
4. Email me your suggestion so I can keep adding to this list.

If this does not work for you, I have links to individual mp3s at the bottom of the page.

But I also need your help in a number of ways
1. Pass the Word!
Please pass the word about The Disciple-Making Parent in your circles. Kids walking away is a huge issue in the church that needs to be addressed. And you are my marketing team!

2. Leave an Amazon review! If you like The Disciple-Making Parent would you be willing to leave an honest Amazon review? I just learned a few months ago that you do not have to leave your name on the Internet (which is what stopped me in the past). This small thing would be the biggest thing you could to for me.

3. Give me feedback. Let me know if there are any technical issues on the audiobook. This is the beta version and I need to know if something can be improved.

4. Stay connected. I try and send out regular encouragement and ideas to help each of us pass the gospel to the next generation. I have added you to that email list. If you do not want the extra email, simply unsubscribe at anytime.

5. Host a conference. I am available to equip your church or group. Use the contact form and let’s start a conversation.

6. Talk to me. As I say on the last page of the book, I would love to hear how the Lord used this book in your life.

Grace on your family and your ministry,

Chap Bettis

Individual Chapters
Play them on this page or download the individual files to your smart device.
Chapter 0 – How to Use This Book
Chapter 1 – Disciplemaking, the Gospel, and Parenting
Chapter 2 – God’s Most Effective Shepherd – You!
Chapter 3 – Surveying the Changes and Challenges

Chapter 4 – Example: Watching Your Life Closely
Chapter 5 – Example: Loving Your Spouse and Liking Your Children
Chapter 6 – Example: Connecting Your Children to Others

Chapter 7 – Gospel: Preparing Your Children for the Gospel
Chapter 8 – Gospel: Speaking the Gospel to Your Children for Their Conversion
Chapter 9 – Gospel: Teaching Your Children about the Flesh and the Spirit

Chapter 10 – Heart: Making Heart Connection a Priority
Chapter 11 – Heart: Skillful Communication Part 1
Chapter 12 – Heart: Skillful Communication Part 2
Chapter 13 – Heart: Restoring Broken Heart Connections

Chapter 14 – Word: Nourishing Your Children in the Word
Chapter 15 – Word: Teaching, Talking, and Tattooing Part 1
Chapter 16 – Word: Teaching, Talking, and Tattooing Part 2
Chapter 17 – Word: Nourishing Your Children with Family Devotions

Chapter 18 – Purpose: Raising Your Children to Take the Land
Chapter 19 – Purpose: Enjoying Life but not Loving the World

Chapter 20 – Prayer: Praying for Your Children
Chapter 21 – Prayer: Teaching Your Children to Pray

Chapter 22 – Apologetics: Preparing For Doubts about Truth
Chapter 23 – Apologetics: Preparing for Doubts about Goodness

Chapter 24 – Friendship: Equipping Your Children for God-Honoring Friendships
Chapter 25 – Friendship: Pleasing God with Media and the Arts

Chapter 26 – Seeking God: Walking in the Spirit/a>
Chapter 27 – Seeking God: Seeking God, not Checking a Box
Chapter 28 – The Preeminent Disciple-Maker