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Thank you for requesting The Disciple-Making Parent audiobook. Please let us know if you have any issues.

We will be signing you up for our parenting email that comes out weekly. It is full of tips and thoughts on family discipleship to help you in this journey. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Please honor the copyright on the material and don’t post this audiobook online. The same offer is available for your friends. Just have them visit our website with the code you used and they can have the audiobook for free also!


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Stream The Disciple-Making Parent audiobook directly from your browser.


Add the Audiobook to Your Favorite Podcast Platform

The best way to listen to The Disciple-Making Parent audiobook is to add it to your favorite podcast platform. This method gives you easy access to the audiobook, saves your progress, and allows you to adjust the speed. Just follow the simple instructions below.

How to Add The Disciple-Making Parent audiobook to Apple Podcasts:
    1. Copy the audiobook URL above (click or tap and the url will automatically copy to your clipboard).
    2. Open Apple Podcast App on your iPhone 
    3. Tap “Library” 
    4. Tap the “three buttons” in the top right corner
    5. Tap “add show by URL”
    6. Paste URL (to paste on iPhone, hold your finger down and release. A menu will appear giving you the option to paste)
    7. Click “follow” 
    8. The audiobook will now appear in your podcasts 

If you need to add to a different podcast player, here’s a helpful article outlining the players that will allow you to add the audiobook.