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Seminars and Teaching


Welcome to Chap’s Teaching Home Page. We have put Chap’s various seminars and sermons in an audio format for your convenience.

You can either scroll down and listen below.

Or you can adjust your podcast player so that you can listen on the go.

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Stream Seminars and Teaching directly from your browser.

Add Seminars and Teaching to Your Favorite Podcast Platform

The best way to listen to Chap’s Seminars and Teaching is to add it to your favorite podcast platform. This method gives you easy access, saves your progress, and allows you to adjust the speed. Just follow the simple instructions below.

How to Add Seminars and Teaching to Apple Podcasts: 
    1. Copy the audiobook URL above (click or tap and the url will automatically copy to your clipboard).
    2. Open Apple Podcast App on your iPhone 
    3. Tap “Library” 
    4. Tap the “three buttons” in the top right corner
    5. Tap “add show by URL”
    6. Paste URL (to paste on iPhone, hold your finger down and release. A menu will appear giving you the option to paste)
    7. Click “follow” 
    8. The audiobook will now appear in your podcasts 

If you need to add to a different podcast player, here’s a helpful article outlining the players that will allow you to add the audiobook.