At the heart of the Apollos Project is equipping parents to pass the gospel baton to their children. Too many young people who grow up in a Christian home walk away from their faith.

Could this be because parents are not being called and equipped in this vital area?

Could the problem be that the church is not training parents for family discipleship?


The Disciple-Making Parent is a comprehensive guide for raising your children to love and follow Christ.

“You will find yourself underlining line after line, page after page.” – Marty Machowski, Author, Long Story Short

Order it from Amazon here. Perfect for small group study or to give as a gift.


We provide equipping seminars for families and churches.

Our The Disciple-Making Parent inspires and equips parents to invest in passing the gospel to their children.

Our Parenting with Confidence Seminar provides scriptural and practical help in parenting.

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We write blog articles to help with different parenting issues. See our topics page for a list of our most popular articles listed by subject.
Our men’s retreat with Chap Bettis was top-notch. Chap is not only a good speaker, he is brimming with biblical knowledge and practical wisdom. Our men were impacted in formative ways through his teaching. I wholeheartedly recommend him. Chap is a man you can trust.
Dr. David King, Concord Baptist Church