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A Godly Church’s Statement on the Boy Scouts

This link takes you to a resolution adopted by the elders of Briarwood Presbyterian Church. I know this church personally, having attended one summer as a college student. It is a godly church and a flagship church in the PCA movement.

The resolutions in this link helpfully spell out the foundation shaking change in the Boy Scouts of America. This document clarifies how it has put men and women who love the Boy Scouts and submit themselves to the word of God in a position where they must choose between the two.

The news media loves to obfuscate the truth. This resolution by Briarwood is clarifying.

Read it with tears and prayers.


  • Charles says:

    Having been a Scout and Scouter for over 45 years, it disappoints me to see a congregational resolution based on a complete and total misinterpretation of the BSA membership policy adopted in May. This BSA decision was not by consensus, but during a very deliberate and drawn-about debate, followed by a representative vote of over 1,200 adults who all subscribe to the BSA Declaration of Religious Principle).

    If a youth member says he is attracted to others of the same sex, it may be a “preference” or “orientation” at the time, but who knows when he might change his mind, and be reconciled to a traditional view of sexuality. In any case, it would be clearly not Christ-like to reject a young person from a church Scouting unit or any Scouting unit just for admitting to a same-sex attraction. Such a young person needs to be encouraged and loved, not shunned.

    The BSA continues to insist upon moral purity, and has made it clear that youth members may not engage in sexual activity of any kind, and then believe that doing so is consistent with the Scout Oath and Law. Those who have not read the whole BSA resolution passed in May, but just “carve out” the offending words they don’t like, lack the understanding of the Scouting culture in which so many adults volunteer hours, days, and years of talents and stewardship in serving youth, as Christ would have us do.

  • Andrea says:

    As the parent of an Eagle Scout, I am also disappointed to read of the church’s decision.
    It is more on the lines of ‘bailing out’ and letting the world take over any good thing our young men have because we don’t want to be challenged in our faith or help lead others to the Lord’s truth through love. If being ‘morally straight’ is defined by the sexual orientation then I applaud a troop that has never had a member watch an R rated film, or use a foul word or think an impure thought. Why does this one sin seem to be a deciding issue of being morally straight? It seems to me they are throwing the baby out with the bath water on this one and the world is using this issue to divide and conquer believers.

  • Diane Belliveau says:

    I can just say, “Wow!” and “Amen” to BPC and their stand, though difficult to make, I believe honors the Lord first and foremost…..and so it should be!

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