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A Mission to Reach Out:555

Tony Merida of Imago Dei Church has presented the 555 mission to his church.

In short, he is challenging his church find 5 people in 5 networks

1. Your Family Network – Your extended family
2. Your Vocational Network – The people you work with
3. Your Business Network – Where you shop
4. Your Neighbor Network – Those who live close to you
5. Your Relational Network – Other nonChristian friends you have through things like recreation

And with those people in mind start aiming toward these five tasks.

1. Pray for them.
2. Serve them.
3. Give Gospel literature to them.
4. Invite them to church or an outreach event.
5. Speak the gospel to them.

He quotes Tim Keller
“There must be an atmosphere of expectation that every member will always have 2-4 people in the incubator, a force-field in which people are being prayed for, given literature, brought to church and other events.”

This ties right in with Evangelism for the Tongue-Tied and passing the gospel along. An outward focused family rejoices in the gospel.

Will you take up the challenge?