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Discerning Culture

A Response to the History Channel’s Series on Bible Secrets Revealed

If it is Christmas or Easter, some media is out there actively debunking traditional Christianity and looking for “secrets.” In the past, it was Time and Newsweek. But as they have become irrelevant, now The History Channel takes up the torch and evidently just gave us, Bible Secrets Revealed.

Time for the saints to learn their history of the NT. Dr. Michael Kruger is the President of the Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte and a Professor of New Testament. He responds in three parts.

Part One examines a few of their wrong assumptions and overreaches to begin their series.

Part Two debunks their wrong assumptions about the Egyptian Exodus and Crusades.

Part Three shoots holes in their misunderstanding of how the canon of the NT came to be.

If you watched the series or know someone who did, you might want to read these articles to detox. These are quick reads. All Christians need to know where to find answers to these questions. I am sure this series will hang around in Netflix land for quite a while.