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Are We Training Our Young Adults in What to Look For in a Church?

Kevin DeYoung has a helpful article about how churches that would seem to be in agreement on the surface can actually get off track. I am sending this article to my older children. Below are his ten points. As he says, the problem is not liberalism in churches but “squishy evangelicalism.” Read his whole article to help your children (and you) diagnose squishy evangelicalism.

1. The mission of the church has gotten sidetracked.
2. The church has become over-accommodating.
3. The gospel is assumed.
4. There is no careful doctrinal delineation.
5. The ministry of the word is diminished.
6. People are not called to repentance.
7. There is no example of carefully handling specific texts of Scripture.
8. There is no functioning ecclesiology.
9. There is an almost complete disregard for church discipline.
10. The real problem is something other than sin and the real remedy is something other than a Savior.

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