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James Grant says that most men do not have family worship because they cannot explain the Bible well and they do not pray well.  With those objections in mind he offers this super basic plan that any dad can follow.

  1. Plan to have family worship after an evening meal
  2. Read through a good book
  3. Say the Lord’s prayer after reading the book

That’s it. You cannot get much simpler than that!

His book suggestions include: Jesus Storybook Bible – We read through this book as a family, and I love it. Guess what…so did my kids! The great thing about this book is it explains stuff. So this will take away the initial worry of trying to explain a Bible passage that you do not understand. And as you read this, your kids will start asking you to read it after every meal, not just the Saturday evening meal! They will want to finish that book and go onto to more books. After the Jesus Storybook Bible, tryThe Big Picture Story Bible and The Child’s Story Bible.”

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