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Biblical Investment: Thinking Differently About Money

Do you and your spouse argue about money? Do you have a common understanding of what the Bible teaches about money? How are you teaching your children about money? 

In today’s podcast, I want to introduce you to my friend Daniel Howe. Daniel is the pastor of Christ Reformed Presbyterian church in East Providence RI. I invited him to address some of our families in our church and talk about the budgeting software application “You Need a Budget”.

I have just recently discovered this online site and love it. If you are feeling like you don’t have a handle on your spending, I highly recommend this application.

Daniel has a view on money that I have not heard widely before but I subscribe to –that is investing. What I hear from a lot of Christian teachers involves not spending –and that can be a needed focus. But I think underneath the reason to be more frugal is to invest. 

Listen below or on itunes here.