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Bits and Pieces from Around the Web

Great Article arguing that older Christians should be able to say to younger Christians, ” Imitate me.” Can you say that? Dads and Moms we should be able to say to our children, “Imitate me.”

Great Article on the Biblical Sluggard
1. He will not start things.
2. He will not finish things.
3. He will not face things.
4. Consequently he is restless.
Read the whole thing to put biblical labels on something you might be facing in your  parenting.

An article on disciplining and identifying with your child talks about drawing out your child so that they can look at their own heart.

Souls in Transition is reviewed in this link. The author looks at the spiritual lives of 18-24 year olds. Smith proves convincingly that nothing has a greater impact on the religious convictions and behavior of emergent adults than religiously serious parents who are committed to teaching their children the tenets of their faith.

The Narcissistic Facebook – Another article on what it is doing to the users!

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