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Discerning Culture

Boring and Unglamorous, but Effective Ways to Help the Truly Poor

Dr. Jay Richards shares 10 hard, boring, unglamorous ways to really help the poor. If you have a child who wants to help the poor and is entranced with sugar-coated, large government liberalism, this video is required. It is rather long but worth the watch. (HT:BTW – which does a better job of expanding on the points below.)

The introduction itself is quite helpful.

His ten points are:
1. You must have the rule of law.
2. Limit the jurisdiction of government.
3. Implement good systems of property.
4. Encourage economic freedom.
5. Encourage strong mediating institutions between government and the individual.
6. Encourage belief in a purposeful universe.
7. Encourage the right cultural beliefs – like a willingness to save and delay gratification.
8. Make sure there is a proper understanding of wealth- for example that wealth is created not moved around.
9. Focus on your competitive advantage.
10. Work hard.

Every Christian should understand these principles and pass them on to their children. This video helpfully explains the positive economic principles that lead to prosperity that benefit all.

Then as citizens we ought to encourage politicians of any party to live by these principles.