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Dan Darling: The Characters of Christmas

Are you rushing around getting ready for the holiday season? Does the Christmas season fill you with excitement or dread? What can you do to remember well this incredible divine event?

In today’s podcast I’m delighted to present to you a conversation I had with Dan Darling about his new book The Characters of Christmas: The Unlikely People Caught Up in the Story of Jesus. 

If you want something to freshen up your Christmas, this short book is for you. Dan walks through numerous characters including Joseph, Mary, the Shepherds, and even Herod the Monster of Christmas to give you a fresh perspective on a familiar story.  In addition, each chapter ends with suggested discussion questions, making it perfect for family devotion. 

You are going to love this conversation, which will deepen your understanding of a familiar story. 

Listen below or on itunes here.





Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

The Characters of Christmas:The Unlikely People Caught Up In the Story of Jesus

The Dignity Revolution

Free discussion guide and coloring pages for The Characters of Christmas

Parenting With Patience

Topics Covered Include:

0:15 Introduction

3:51 The origins of The Characters of Christmas

7:18 Sample character profile: Joseph

12:32 How these characters can change our perspective on the Christmas story

18:06 The surprise of Simeon and Anna’s characters

20:27 A surprising thing about the Wise Men

26:01 Herod the Monster

30:57 Using The Characters of Christmas with your family or study group