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Dan Darling: The Dignity Revolution and Your Family

How do we raise children to respect those who are different from us? What biblical message and doctrines can help us encourage a young person to love all sorts of people?

On this podcast, I have the privilege to introduce you to a friend of mine, Dan Darling. He has recently released a book that is helpful for pastors and parents. It’s entitled The Dignity Revolution. In it, Dan lays out the case for understanding and then applying this idea of human dignity to many different areas.

I was excited to have this conversation with Dan. He is the Vice President of Communications for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. His writing has appeared in major news outlets like USA Today and CNN. He’s a contributing editor for Christianity today and he hosts a podcast “The Way Home”. Most importantly he is married to Angela and has four children 13 to 7 years old. So, he is right in the middle of his parenting years.

We spend the first half of our time getting our minds around this doctrine. And then for the second half, we start applying it to ourselves and our children.