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Discerning Culture

Deciphering The Worldview of a Movie

By November 7, 2014September 26th, 2020No Comments

Art has a way of affecting our emotions.

If the story it tells is true, then that art is powerfully helpful. If that story is false, then it can deceive us. One helpful thing we can do is actually decipher the message of a movie. And all movies do have a message.

The following are some questions that have been in my notes. I am sure they are not original with me. Consider printing this list down and asking a few of these questions of the next movie you see.


  • What does this teach about God? How does that compare the Bible? Remember not saying anything about God is saying something.
  • What does this say about the nature of people? How does that compare the Bible?
  • What does this say about relationships? How does that compare the Bible?
  • What does this say about right and wrong? How does that compare the Bible?
  • What problem/conflict does the main character face? (Man against: himself, nature, another man, God)?
  • How does he/she solve it? What guidelines would God have given?
  • Through what character does the author, movie director give his “moral” or lifeview? When does it occur? What is it?

The next time you watch a movie ask one or more of these questions and think about the message you are being given.