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Dr. David Murray: Exploring the Bible Together

Does the idea of family devotions make you feel guilty? Have you tried and failed to have a family time with the Lord?  Then this episode is for you.

Family worship and devotions can be an ongoing source of guilt. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

In today’s podcast we are going to talk with Dr. David Murray. Dr. Murray has just released the book Exploring the Bible Together: A 52-week Family Worship Plan

But before you become overwhelmed with that, take a listen to this podcast. You will discover that it is a simple plan that takes about 4-5 minutes a day. I think you are going to love it. In addition, it is family companion to the study for individual use. So your children 7-12 are working on it by themselves and then come to report it to the whole family that night. But the family devotional book can stand on its own.

Dr. Murray is the professor of OT and Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Seminary and has pastored three churches in the UK and US. He is the author of number books including Christians Get Depressed Too, Jesus on Every Page, and Reset. He blogs regularly at Head, Heart, Hand blog. He is married to Shona and they have five children ages 7-24.

But now, let’s listen to in as Dr. David Murray and I talk about Exploring the Bible Together. 

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Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

Head, Heart, Hand– Dr. David Murray’s blog

Exploring the Bible

Exploring the Bible Together

Meeting with Jesus: A Daily Bible Reading Plan For Kids

Christians Get Depressed, Too

Jesus on Every Page


Why Am I Feeling Like This? A Teen’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety and Depression (Preorder- Available July 14, 2020)

Forthcoming: Why Is My Teenager Feeling Like This? A Guide for Helping Teens Through Anxiety and Depression (Preorder- Available July 14, 2020)

Topics Covered In This Week’s Podcast

00:15 Introduction

02:46 Why write Exploring the Bible Together?

06:25 On guided prayer in family worship

12:03 On using Exploring the Bible Together

15:16 The importance of family worship

18:04 Encouragement for mothers leading family worship alone

20:23 On Meeting With Jesus

28:26 On Why Am I Feeling Like This? and Why Is My Teenager Feeling Like This?

Plus check out this same interview on our YouTube channel.